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So far there is no orderly and systematic charity in Ukraine, as in developed countries. The government does not encourage entrepreneurs to carry out charity work. But at a run, it's just such social activity in which everyone decides to commit such acts or not in one’s own right.


Vision of the essence that “there are those who need help” and “I can help” going on in different ways. In this case due to the combination of circumstances the owner of the "Infanta" company, Inna Sviridova - Kalinichenko visited the  Kyiv City Orphanage named on behalf of M. Gorodetsky,


Throughout the years the commutation had been passing by this place, but once it just so happened, that there was a need to pick up. Despite the fact that this orphanage is one of the best places for special needs children, it still boggles the mind and highlights the key points in the contract with reality.


Indeed, there are a lot of socially deprived people and each of us has the capabilities for relief aid. It is important to have the heart to do something.


In point of fact there are some deterrents in providing charity support, to the same old orphanage, such as imperfections in the existing economic and social system. With the object of making reader-friendly what I mean, let me throw this out: You have decided to help and transfer funds to the settlement account, and the money are spent on payment for utility service, because receipt of municipal finances into the bank account is not received in time, or the purchase food prices of supply depots have grown, and the tariff settlement for the orphanage - no. Therefore it is necessary to look for ways how to help the recipients - children. For this reason, we help monthly by providing with organic SODASAN green products for washing and cleaning, in case of emergency - inventory purchases of products, diapers, medicine.


We made this bookmark on our site because:

Firstly: opt consciously for organic products means opt generally for environment-oriented life and not only in the material meaning, but also from the viewpoint of mental and spiritual ecology, so we will be unfeignedly glad to see adherents who want to join us!

Secondly, I would like to express my APPRECIATION to those who opt consciously for our organic green products, because by this means you add considerable support for those charitable actions in which trading house "Infanta" takes an active part (such as: providing charity support to Kyiv City Children's Home named after M.M. Gorodetsky and to large families).




In order to inform you whom your purchases help, we place here the documents and the little news reporting of the events, in which we participate!

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