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1996-1999 year

  • A company was found in 1996 as a distributor of  Nivea Beiersdorf and Schwarzkopf & Henkel.
  • Over the first six months only 5 persons worked there.
  • Despite of economic crisis of this period the company was growing rapidly. The quantity of distribution brands was increasing as well as the quantity of our staff.

2000 year

  • TH “Infanta” is a distributor of such brands: Nivea Visage,Nivea Beauty, Schwarzkopf&Henkel, Florena, Kamill, Wella, Unilever,Sheller, Lumene, Londa,Trisa, L’Oreal,Garnier, Rilken, Aquafresh, Colgate, Palmolive.
  • The company numbered 55 workers.
  • The company had dealers  and wide distribution network in the Ukrainian territory except a head office and two storehouses in Kyiv.
  • The company has been increasing rapidly and soon has reached an important position  at Ukrainian market of cosmetics.

2001 year

  • The company started business with Swedish company “Cederroth International AB” and became the official importer of trade marks “Swiss Formula” and “VO5 AB ” to Ukraine.
  • Also it imported “Green Mama”  cosmetics.
  • In this time our company stopped to cooperate with P&G, Aquafresh, Colgate, Unilever, Nivea.
  • The company continued its developing by means of increasing the types and channels of distribution.

2003 year

This year was signed :

  • 2 exclusive contracts with Italian companies Patricia Milton, Royal (first-class cosmetics)
  • an exclusive contract with L`Erobolario TM, phytocosmetics from Italy.
  • an exclusive contract with KalooTM , child's elite perfumery from France.
  • an exclusive contract with Childhood world TM, child’s cosmetics from Russia.
  • an exclusive contract with Vileda TM, elite brand of     household items from Germany.
  • The company was also engaged in forwarding of TM Green Mama, produced by Russia-France.

2006 – 2009 year
The company focuses on distributing of the two brands - Italian herbal cosmetics L `Erobolario and German products for the house cleaning Vileda.
We were able to provide these products in all cities-millionaires and many regional centers.
Our clients:

  • Networks
  • Health and beauty shops
  • Franchising 

Distributing Vileda brand (products of premium segment), over than 7 years we covered more then  90% of the target Retail - hypermarkets, supermarkets (all solvent trading networks).

Our clients:

  • Networks

Construction area - DIY-hypermarkets Epicenter, New Line, Karavan, etc.
• Wholesale - hypermarkets METRO Cash & Cary, Rovex Cash & Cary, Expansion (Fozzy Cash & Cary), etc.
• Hypermarkets - Caravan, Tavria, Megamarket, Target, Rost, Tam-Tam and others.
• Supermarkets - Fyrshet, Eco-market, Target, etc.

  • AND OTHERS shops of non network segment

2010 year
• The company opened a new department, which is actively working on the introduction of Eco-products for the market of Ukraine.
• Company introduces Organic products of German trademark SODASAN for washing, cleaning, dish washing and body care. This is the first Organic trade mark, which is presented in Ukraine in such categories.

  • The company continues to distribute natural cosmetics of L`Erobolario.
  • With large experience of work with household products and following the market needs, the company entered into agreements with three new brands of middle segment - Jan Niezbedny (Poland), Grosic (Poland) and Pongal (Spain), offering a wide range of napkins, sponges, foil, films, garbage bags, bags for food storing and freezing, mops, refills, buckets, and so on.


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