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More and more people are beginning to realize that the future of our Earth depends on us. Environmental protection and respect for our planet, our common homeland - these are the main challenges that we must solve. "


Of course, encouraging the fact, that now appears more responsible parents who are ready for the health of their children to do something more: for example, to buy baby clothes made of environmentally friendly fabrics, which are in the process of production does not harm the environment.Respect for the environment brings benefits to the entire planet, as well as it has positive effect on the children's tender skin. It should be noted that the skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in the body of the child.


Firm «Сosilana» makes high demands towards their work: the obligations to produce tissues without damage to the environment.


Firm «Сosilana» uses in the process of production only cotton, grown under bio-control. Also, the highest environmental requirements imposed on the production of wool and silk. In the production a lot of highly qualified specialists are busy, some of which have more than 30 years of experience in the production of fabrics.Constant quality control is achieved due to the fact that many owners of small businesses, forming a chain in the production of the final product by themselves daily working on purchase of the orders and monitor the quality of its products.


ТМ«Сosilana»- is clothing made of natural environmentally friendly fabrics for infants, preschool and school age, as well as for adults.To manufacture its products TM «Сosilana»uses 7 types of quality - it's 100% organic cotton, 100% silk, 100% merino wool, 100% felted wool, 100% wool, fleece, 70% wool and 30% silk and unique quality products made of 45% cotton, 35% wool and 20% silk! Products of TM«Сosilana»have a great range of colors. Thanks to the smooth process of manufacturing and refusal from the expensive advertisement and glossy printed brochures, ТМ«Сosilanaoffers reasonable prices for the products, which in turn attracts more and more buyers.As a result, was created more prerequisites for the spread of clothes made from natural environmentally friendly fabrics, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment.

Conditions of cooperation:

• accept orders from wholesalers, the minimum order amount is 5000 Euro.

• For orders from 1000 Euro to 5000 Euro - contact our representative tel. / 067 / 267-58-86

• In the retail, product can be purchased in the children's store "Kumka", at the address: Kyiv, boulevard Friendship of Peoples, 12 (ground floor, entrance on the right side of the house, from the school). Or online stor: tel. / 067 / 267-58-86 



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