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 Partners program      

      Our aim
– to make 100% safe products SODASAN as accessible as possible for each potentially possible customer. To do this we will be happy to work with such trade networks as:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesale shops
  • Health and beauty shops.

To attract customers attention we are ready to:

  • locate POS materials in the places of sale in order

to attract the customers’ attention.

  • Place small booklets on each product in order to explain to the customers the difference between Organic and Eco-friendly goods, and also enumerate the advantages of Sodosan products.
  •    Place special bright stickers on products for easy identification of goods
  • Place sticker with the description of the product
  • Conduct trainings for the  store employees

      So fare as the market of organic products has not yet been formed, our goal is not only to sell goods, but also consult potential customers concerning the safe organic products.
Therefore we are glad to work with specialized sales channel, namely eco shops. Exactly in this segment may be most fully and accurately convey information to buyers who have already focused on "healthy" products.
We are also ready to cooperate with online shops, where the customer can find all necessary information and make right decision by himself. Of course, we should not pass by, children's shops and stores of household chemicals!

      For each client, we offer special conditions, which will interest them in joint development of SODASAN products, such as exciting action, cumulative bonuses, information support of the brand and more.

      We are open for your ideas - the creation of ECO-shelf, ECO-departments in the trade networks, opening of ECO-store, marketing promotion of Eco-products, the creation of Eco-clubs and much more

For more information, please contact the brand-manager Svetlana Gluschenko




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