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       HOCOSA of Switzerland

Ecological thinking improves the quality of our lives. In addition to environmentally friendly nutrition, we can improve our personal life through the use of organic detergents and by ecological textiles.Our skin is the largest and most important organ. Products TM Hocosa not contain any hazardous substances, and made of 100% natural material, and its production does not pollute the environment.

Thus, our goal - to enable our customers to use natural, environmentally friendly products of high quality at a fair price.

TM Hocosa has a range of clothing for infants, children and sports clothing for men and women, and use for their production only organic raw materials. In its production capacity is used 6 types of product quality, depending on the raw materials:


1.      100% organic merino wool that is made from the wool of animals that are grows in their natural habitat, wool shear off manually and does not contain pesticides. This wool especially soft and cozy warm.

2.      70% organic wool / 30% silk - the perfect combination of the many benefits of organic pure wool and the outstanding characteristics of fine silk. Together they create a thermal balance and support the natural ability of the skin.

3.      100% Mulberry silk - comfortably cool in summer and pleasantly warm in the winter. Especially recommended for sensitive skin and for people susceptible to allergic reactions.

4.      50% / 50% organic cotton / silk - two natural yarns combine their best features. Cotton is a well-breathable, practical and long wear. Pure silk adjusts temperature balance and has a calming effect on skin prone to allergic reactions.

5.      65% silk 35% cashmere - Cashmere is a very warm high quality wool, which is created from wool cashmere sheep grown in the Himalayas. You will enjoy exceptional comfort during wearing this valuable, natural high-quality clothing.

6.   100% mulberry silk - is a separate type of silk, which is produced from the cocoons of wild oak silkworm. It differs from the usual silk by its highly textured surfaces and muted brilliance.


Conditions of cooperation:
*Accept orders from wholesalers, the minimum order amount is 10 000 Euro.
*For orders from 1000 Euro to 10 000 Euro - contact our representative
tel. / 067 / 267-58-80; /044/ 224-60-07
*In the retail, product can be purchased in the children's store "Kumka",
at the address: Kyiv, boulevard Friendship of Peoples, 12
(ground floor, entrance on the right side of the house, from the school)
*Or online stores: tel./067/267-58-80

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